Symposium on Mechanics and Structure of Rubber Materials in HYDROGENIUS

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Date Monday, 19th April 2010
Place INAMORI Frontier Research Center, Kyushu University
Language English
Fee Free
Capacity 100 seats
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   Recently, global warming and exhaustion of fossil fuels have emerged as serious environmental problem. To establish hydrogen energy society in terms of hydrogen fuel cells is an effective method for solving these problems. The materials used in hydrogen fuel cell system are generally exposed to a hydrogen environment. The studies on the influence of hydrogen on strength properties of several kinds of metals have been reported as hydrogen embrittlement. However, that of organic materials such as plastics and rubbers has hardly been reported. In order to quantify and clarify the influence of high-pressure hydrogen on the materials, such as polymeric materials as well as stainless steel or metal alloys for high-pressure hydrogen vessels, Kyushu University and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology had jointly established the research project for hydrogen energy, HYDROGENIUS (Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage) supported by NEDO in 2006. In this symposium, we will introduce some research activities of HYDROGENUIS on mechanics and structure of rubber materials for high-pressure hydrogen sealing. We also have lectures by authorities of mechanics and structure of rubber materials, Professor Alan N Gent (University of Akron, USA), Professor Changwoon Nah (Chonbuk National University, Korea) and Professor Yoshihide Fukahori (Universiry of London, UK) as invited speakers.
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