"International Hydrogen Energy Development Forum 2009" Report

Date February 4, 2009
Place Hotel OKURA, Fukuoka(Fukuoka-shi Hakata-ku Shimokawabata 3-2) 4F Heian
Prescribed number 350, (Actual number:420)
Organized by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST), Kyushu University, FUkuokaStrategy Conference for Hydrogen Energy,
Note simultaneous translation

4th February 2009

Session1  Theme

The fuel cell-powered car strategy of World Enterprises
Organizer HYDROGENIUS Deputy Director
Prof. Kazunari Sasaki
??9:50 -10:30 Theme

Fuel Cell Vehicle Development in Honda
Speaker Honda R & D, Co., Ltd. Mr.Koichi Niimura
??10:35 -11:15 Theme

GM's Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle development program and thoughts on commercialization
Speaker General Motors Asia Pacific(Japan), Ltd. Mr.George P. Hansen
??11:20 -12:00 Theme

Daimler's Activities for Sustainable Mobility
Speaker Daimler AG Dr. Friedemann Bruehl
??12:00 - 13:15   Break
Session2 Theme Hydrogen Technology from Basic Research to Engineering Activities
Organizer HYDROGENIUS Director
Prof. Yukitaka Murakami
Theme Micro-Mechanical Modeling of Hydrogen-Induced Brittle Fracture
Speaker Univ. of California Prof. Robert O. Ritchie
??13:20 -13:50 Theme On the Design of Steel Pipelines against Hydrogen Embrittlement
Speaker Univ. of Illinois Prof. Petros Sofronis
??13:50 -14:15 Theme

Fracture Control of Hydrogen Containment Components
Speaker Sandia National Lab Dr. Brian P. Somerday
??14:15 -14:55 Theme

Research and development on Hydrogen in France
Speaker CNRS-Univ.of Bordeaux HYDROGENIUS Prof. Jean-Marc Olive

Hydrogen Energy Activities at AIR LIQUIDE
Speaker Air Liquide R&D, CRCD Francoise Barbier

Air Liquide R&D, CRCD HYDROGENIUS Prof. Jader Furtado
??14:55 -15:35 Theme

From Basic Research to Application -a Scientist‘s Point of View-
Speaker Institute für Metallphysik University of Göttinngen
Prof. Reiner Kirchheim
??15:35 - 15:50   Break
??15:50 - 16:20 Theme

Fatigue Crack Growth Mechanism in Hydrogen: For the Safe Design of Hydrogen Infrastructure
Speaker HYDROGENIUS Leader,  Prof. Saburo Matsuoka
??16:20 -16:50 Theme

Tribosurfaces exposed to high pressure hydrogen
Speaker HYDROGENIUS Leader, Prof. Joichi Sugimura
??16:50 -17:20 Theme

Hydrogen Thermophysical Property Measurements and Database
Speaker HYDROGENIUS Leader, Prof. Yasuyuki Takata
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