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"International Hydrogen Energy Development Forum 2008" Report

Date February 6, 2008
Place Hotel OKURA, Fukuoka(Fukuoka-shi Hakata-ku Shimokawabata 3-2) 4F Heian
Prescribed number 300, (Actual number:380)
Organized by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST), Kyushu University, FUkuokaStrategy Conference for Hydrogen Energy, The 21st Century COE Program(Intefration Technology of Mechanical Systems for Hydrogen Utilization)
Note simultaneous translation

6th February 2008

Session1  Theme

Hydrogen Development and Buisiness Strategies for the World
Organizer HYDROGENIUS Deputy Director
Prof. Kazunari Sasaki
??9:50 -10:30 Theme

U.S. and World Hydrogen Activities and Perspecctives
Speaker The National Hydrogen Association Dr. Jeffrey Serfass
??10:35 -11:15 Theme

Hydrogen in Europe: From when and where to here and now!
Speaker Europian Hydrogen Association Ms. Marieke Reijalt
??11:20 -12:20 Theme

Development of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles & Expectations for HYDROGENIUS
Speaker Toyota Moter Corporation Mr. Koichi Kojima
??12:20 - 13:00   Break
Session2 Theme

Cutting Edge of Hydrogen Energy Research and Development
Organizer HYDROGENIUS Director
Prof. Yukitaka Murakami
Kyushu Univ. Prof. Yoshiyuki Kondo
Prof. Gary Marquis?
Kyushu Univ. Prof. Yasuyuki Takada
??13:00 -13:20 Theme

Hydrogen Technology R&D in Japan
Speaker NEDO, Dr. Yoshitetsu Sato
??13:20 -13:50 Theme

Basic Hydrogen Resezrch at the United States of Energy
Speaker United States Department of Energy, Dr. John Vetrano
??13:50 -14:15 Theme

Hydrogen Delivery Plan for the United Kingdom
Speaker Imperial College, Prof. Roderick Smith
??14:15 -15:15 Theme

Mechanics Models for Hydrogen Embrittlement of Steel Pipelines
Speaker Univ. of Illinois, Prof. Petros Sofronis

Strustural Design Methods and Materials Testing for Hydrogen Components
Speaker Sandia National Lab. Dr. Brian Somerday

Micromechanisms of Fracture : Role of Hydrogen Embrittlement
Speaker Univ of California, Prof. Robert Ritchie
??15:15 - 15:30   Break
??15:30 - 16:05 Theme

Basic Mechanism of Hydrogen Embrittlement and Its Application to Design and Structural Integrity
Speaker HYDROGENIUS Director
Prod. Yukitaka Murakami
??16:05 -16:40 Theme

Behavior of Hydrogen in Tribosystems
Speaker HYDROGENIUS Leader, Prof. Joichi Sugimura
??16:40 -17:15 Theme

Current Status of Hydrogen Thermophysical property Data and Its Measurement
Speaker HYDROGENIUS Leader, Prof. Motoo Fujii
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